Nov 272011

The battery in my APC Back-UPS BR 800 was worn out after years of service, so I bought a replacement from However, apcupsd still reported zero runtime and erratic charge and load percentages. I did some manual recalibration attempts (charge fully, discharge completely using constant load). This got my estimated runtime from zero up to a few seconds, but the UPS was still not useful. A couple seconds of power outage would lead to bogus critically low battery readings and trigger automated shutdown. (Despite the fact that it took me about half an hour to complete the run-down under a similar load.)

This evening I was preparing for another recalibration attempt by looking for a way to disable the beeping when power is disconnected. It turns out apctest can disable the alarm. In the process, I noticed apctest can also read and write the battery date. On a whim, I updated the date. And, magic: Merely changing the battery date fixed the reported runtime, charge, and load percentages!

Changing the battery date back to the original value did not bring the bogus readings back. Presumably the behavior is based on dead-reckoning of time elapsed since last battery change rather than any knowledge of what the current date actually is.