Mar 312011

moinmoin-client-crypt was the fun part of a recent Wiki migration project I did. The tedious prelude was getting the content out of an aging JSPWiki version and into MoinMoin.

After some aborted attempts at translating the JSPWiki source from scratch, I decided the path of least resistance would be to leverage HTML::WikiConverter to translate the HTML output of JSPWiki. This turned out to be time consuming as well. To anyone else going down this path I offer up:

  1. A patched version of HTML::WikiConverter-MoinMoin that includes fixes for intra-wiki links, inline images, horizontal rules, and definition lists.
  2. A collection of scripts, dubbed JSPWiki-translate-perl, for retrieving HTML from JSPWiki, pre-processing it to make it more palatable for HTML::WikiConverter, and for generating a MoinMoin-style directory layout to contain it.

The original author of HTML::WikiConverter-MoinMoin seems to have abandoned it. I can sympathize; I certainly hope to avoid translating another Wiki any time soon!